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Odyssey and meeting around Kyiv

April 29, 2022

Kiyv. Ukraine. Chronicle and interview about solidary organization from below (but not only) in Ukraine.

Odyssey and meeting around Kyiv

On militarism, the fight against Putin and the prospects: An April interview with Anarchy Today

April 12, 2022

For many years Russia has been an authoritarian militaristic dictatorship and the situation is getting worse. In Russia, the struggle against …

On militarism, the fight against Putin and the prospects: An April interview with Anarchy Today

Sabotage in rail road network: Arrests

April 11, 2022

Belarus. On April 6, the Ministry of the Interior reported that law enforcement forces used live ammunition to arrest „saboteurs“ along a rail track …

Sabotage in rail road network: Arrests

Petition from the International Community of Gender Scholars against the War in Ukraine and in Support of the Ukrainian People

April 5, 2022


Petition from the International Community of Gender Scholars against the War in Ukraine and in Support of the Ukrainian People

We, scholars from the international academic community who share the ideas of gender justice and equality, stand in condemnation of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine and call for an immediate end to the crimes against peace and humanity.

We express our deep sorrow for the people who find themselves in the epicenter of military conflict. War takes away the most precious thing – human life. War deprives people of their homes, their homeland, their meanings, their possibilities, and hopes. War breeds aggression, cruelty, neglect of human rights, and hatred. Women and children are especially vulnerable in wartime. They are victims of numerous crimes: Russian missiles fall on nurseries, schools, and maternity centers.

Russia’s unjustified war is a product of a patriarchal and authoritarian political regime in which decisions are made by non-democratic means. Opposition, including feminists, is systematically persecuted and suppressed, and most media have become instruments of violent propaganda.

We denounce the Russian political regime and its media propaganda. We express solidarity with all the movements and individuals who are calling for an end to the war. We share the belief that humanity, freedom, and justice always win. We are eternally grateful to our colleagues for their acts of civil resistance and solidarity.

75 people have signed the petition already (64 Russian citizens, 2 – Finland, 2 – Britain, 2 – Moldova/Russia, 1 – USA, 1 – Greece, 1 – Germany, 1 – Russia/France, 1 – Russia/Finland). We are not publishing information about the people who signed the petition for security reasons – they could face up to 15 years in prison in Russia. You can sign the petition by filling out the form here.

— Weiterlesen

#Pirates4Ukraine Even in small cities someone can help …

März 28, 2022

#Pirates4Ukraine: An International Pirate Campaign to support Ukrainian Refugees
Pirate Parties International / by Bailey Lamon / 1d


Pirate Parties International in collaboration with various PPI members are pleased to announce the official start of the ‘Pirates 4 Ukraine’ campaign.

Pirates all over the world are devastated and angered by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the resulting humanitarian disaster, and the violence and repression towards both Ukrainians and anti-war activists in Russia.

One of our brave colleagues and Chair of the Pirate Party of Norway, Svein Mork Dahl, is spending time at the Polish-Ukrainian border delivering aid to those who need it. This aid comes in a number of forms, be it food, housing, transportation, information and anything you might think of as being necessary for everyday survival. One of the most important of these is medicine and other medical supplies. Svein himself is a trained medic and is focusing particularly on acquiring and delivering medical necessities.

As an international community we are joining our efforts to raise funds in order to assist our colleague Svein in being able to provide support to those who are fleeing Ukraine as well as Russia and trying to relocate to other countries.

Activists occupied mansion of russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

März 14, 2022

London. UK. March 14. 2022. Squatters in London have occupied a Russian Oligarchs mansion.

Activists occupied mansion of russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Resistance Committee: „Anarchist Black Cross – Dresden has supported us massively“

März 13, 2022

Ukraine. Anti-authoritarians and anti-fascists of the Resistance Committee received a lot of equipment from Anarchist Black Cross – Dresden.

Resistance Committee: „Anarchist Black Cross – Dresden has supported us massively“

Notes from Lviv in times of war

März 12, 2022

Ukraine. I am writing this text on the night of 7-8 March in Lviv.

Notes from Lviv in times of war

… 😦

Call for Peace, Support of the Ukrainian People and for Solidarity with All Refugees

März 4, 2022

As a result of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, more than half a million people have been displaced.

Call for Peace, Support of the Ukrainian People and for Solidarity with All Refugees


Februar 26, 2022

Die PIRATEN Niedersachsen verurteilen den Angriff der Russischen Föderation auf seinen Nachbarstaat Ukraine.

Der Überfall ist ein klarer Verstoß gegen die Charta der Vereinten Nationen, die Satzung des Europarates und weitere internationale Verträge. Krieg als Mittel der Politik und zur Veränderung von Staatsgrenzen ist seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg international geächtet. Wladimir Putin und sein Regime haben sich entschlossen, dieses Verbot zu missachten, und treten damit das Völkerrecht mit Füßen.

Unsere Gedanken sind am heutigen Tag bei den Menschen in der Ukraine. Wir können nur erahnen, welches Leid sie in den letzten Tagen und auch schon in den letzten Jahren erfahren haben. Wir fordern alle Menschen auf, Organisationen wie das Rote Kreuz, die diese auch humanitäre Katastrophe bekämpfen, finanziell zu unterstützen – wenn es ihnen möglich ist!

Die Entscheidung der NATO, in der Ukraine nicht militärisch einzugreifen, unterstützen wir. Dieser Angriff darf nicht zum Ausgangpunkt des Dritten Weltkriegs werden, der alle Völker – auch das Ukrainische – ins Elend stürzen würde.

Wir wünschen den Ukrainern viel Glück und Erfolg bei ihrem Kampf für ihre Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit!

Die sonstige Tatenlosigkeit unser eigenen Bundesregierung und der EU angesichts dieser fortgesetzten russischen Agression beschämt uns aber. Wir fordern, dass Russland sofort aus internationalen Organisationen ausgeschlossen wird und harte Wirtschaftssanktionen gegen Russland in Kraft gesetzt werden. Diese Sanktionen müssen den Ausschluß Russlands aus dem SWIFT-Netzwerk und den Stopp aller Öl- und Gasimporte aus Russland enthalten. Unser Geld darf nicht den Krieg Russlands gegen seinen Nachbarn finanzieren!

Homepage der Piraten Nds …

Support Anarchist Community in Ukraine during war

Februar 25, 2022

On Thursday morning, 24.02.22 around five Putin started invading Ukraine.

Support Anarchist Community in Ukraine during war

Saarbrücken: 26.02.2022 um 11:55 Uhr Tbilisser Platz Kundgebung gegen Krieg und Aufrüstung! Sofortiger Stopp aller Eskalationen!

Februar 25, 2022

Samstag, 26.02.2022      11.55 Uhr    Saarbrücken; Tbilisser Platz (Staatstheater) Das FriedensNetz Saar ruft angesichts der militärischen Eskalation…

Kundgebung gegen Krieg und Aufrüstung! Sofortiger Stopp aller Eskalationen!

Stand With Ukraine!

Februar 25, 2022

We stand with Ukraine. Check out our constantly updated list of demonstrations supporting Ukraine happening around the world and other ways to help.
— Weiterlesen


Civilian rescuers save 247 lives in less than 48 hours in the Mediterranean

Februar 14, 2022

CIVILIAN rescuers saved hundreds of lives in the central Mediterranean in less than 48 hours at the weekend. The Ocean Viking, a ship operated by …

Civilian rescuers save 247 lives in less than 48 hours in the Mediterranean

„Vergesst Afghanistan nicht! Handelt jetzt!“

Februar 14, 2022

PRO ASYL, Luftbrücke Kabul und das Patenschaftsnetzwerk Afghanische Ortskräfte fordern Zehn-Punkte-Plan Die Menschen in Afghanistan brauchen unsere…

„Vergesst Afghanistan nicht! Handelt jetzt!“

Solidarity with those arrested on February 8

Februar 12, 2022

As anarchists we obligated to ourselves and our struggles, to our own political existence not to abandon each other even when times are difficult.

Solidarity with those arrested on February 8

Wildpunk – Black Against Civilization

Februar 12, 2022

“Wildpunk: Black Against Civilization” is the first English-language translation of writings by Elany, a Black anti-civ anarchist from Switzerland.

Wildpunk – Black Against Civilization

Support the Firefund call from the Prosfygika Squat

Februar 8, 2022

Athens. Greece. The building complex of Prosfygika was built in 1933 in order to house the refugees of Minor Asia.

Support the Firefund call from the Prosfygika Squat

Nachträgliche Bildbeschreibung

Februar 6, 2022

Nachträgliche Bildbeschreibung, #Bibesch, nutzen: Für die Bildbeschreibung bei Twitter haben wir 1000 Zeichen zur Verfügung. Dies ist komfortabel und…

Nachträgliche Bildbeschreibung

Unbedingt lesenswert …

BBS – Adventskalender 2021 Türchen 06

Februar 6, 2022

sogar zu den Gerichtszeiten hatte ich mich mit meinem ein Finger-AdlerSuchsystem  durchgewerkelt, aber nun, nein, ich würde das Zehn-Finger-Tippen …

BBS – Adventskalender 2021 Türchen 06

Absolut großartig … blind-Schreiben und blindschreiben verträgt sich auch, wenn man kurzsichtig oder nicht Erklärungen vermittelt, wie es ist, wenn man nicht sieht …

Enough of criminalizing migration – International Demo in Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland

Februar 4, 2022

Krosno Odrzańskie. Poland. We want to express our solidarity with all those imprisoned in the closed retention centers centers.

Enough of criminalizing migration – International Demo in Krosno Odrzańskie, Poland