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„Mission Free Iran“ – good news about Bita Ghaedi

Mai 5, 2010
Today morning I got this message from the group Mission Free Iran on Facebook. Bita Ghaedi is save for this moment. As written: details will follow …

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Anfang der weitergeleiteten E-Mail:

Von: Facebook
Datum: 5. Mai 2010 03:03:02 MESZ
An: Ulrike Beudgen
Betreff: „Mission Free Iran“ hat dir eine Nachricht auf Facebook gesendet …
Antwort an:

Maria Rohaly hat eine Nachricht an die Mitglieder von Mission Free Iran gesendet.
Maria Rohaly
Maria RohalyMay 5, 2010 at 1:01am
Betreff: Bita Ghaedi’s deportation has been CANCELLED!
Beautiful people:

Everyone’s hard work, attention, and letters have paid off in the case of Bita Ghaedi. Word from the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (@ncadc on twitter) is as follows: „European Court of Human Rights has overturned UK govt on case of Bita Ghaedi! Deportation May 5th has been cancelled. Details later.“

This is fantastic news. It gives hope for all asylum-seekers and at the same time it tells the UK and every other country that we are not going to say silent for these injustices. We have forced governments to think twice before trying to send a human being back to death in their home country.

Thanks to everyone who shared the story of Bita and the injustices that asylum-seekers face in our world, who sent letters and made calls – we made a difference.

And we will continue to do so.

With love,

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Tweet from @AmnestyUK

Mai 4, 2010
RT @kiraber: Urgent!! Bita Ghaedi due to be deported from London to Tehran 5 May. How to help:

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Tweet from @abu_xales

Mai 4, 2010
Emergency protest @ Heathrow 2 stop Bita Ghaedi’s deportation, 5May 3pm Term1 1st fl #iranelection #humanrights / @kiraber

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Emergency! Pls Keep Posting. Urgent Call to ACTION!!! #Iranelection #HumanRights #Amnesty #hrw @CNNI

Mai 4, 2010
This call for help is written on

I posted already on the cause of Bita Ghaedi. Please support this call …

On Monday 3rd May 2010, said:


Emergency! Pls Keep Posting. Urgent Call to ACTION!!! #Iranelection #HumanRights#Amnesty #hrw

Dear all,

This message is going out to various NGOs, student groups, and individuals so apologies for having to cover all aspects in one singular email – not all of this email will apply to everyone.

Firstly – for anyone not familiar with myself, my name is Shreen Ayob and I volunteer for a charity called the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) in London. One of our clients is Bita Ghaedi and she is being deported to Iran on Wednesday where she is likely to be executed because she dared exercise her free speech. This is a clear cut case of human rights abuse and the UK government are too busy electioneering to care.

More info here from IKWRO:

An article from me after I had spoken to editors of UK national papers and was fobbed off:

Photos from a previous protest before Bita’s flight was cancelled because of volcanic ash:

If you are free on Wednesday and would like to help encourage the passengers on Bita’s flight to protest, please come along. Details for the protest are here:

(Even if you cannot make the protest, click on the above link for some immediate direct action you can take)

If you are an organisation can you please tell all the relevant people in your group and rally some supporters. This is particularly aimed at the STAR group and LondonNoBorders.

If you are a photographer come along to take pictures (although there will be no banners to photograph, we still need photographic evidence).

If you are a journalist or writer, help to spread the word, write an article or come along for the ride. BITA’S CASE NEEDS AS MUCH VISIBILITY AS POSSIBLE. (And don’t get me started on the fact that Bita is one of many!)

I do not expect many people to be able to travel to Heathrow on a Wednesday afternoon so please please please tell as many people as possible, especially those energetic student types! 🙂

Thankyou everyone so much for your support so far you’ve all been incredibly helpful, supportive and kind.

Here’s hoping to a successful protest!


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April 29, 2010

I got this tweet today, the 29. April 2010:

On Wednesday 28th April 2010, said:



Please copy and paste this and send it to:



We have three cases involving 5 Iranian refugees that the UK Border Agency plans to deport to Iran.

Miss Bita Ghaedi has PMOI affiliations and would more than likely be charged with Mohareb in Iran if returned; a crime punishable by death and likely to be carried out if she is returned. She has been ill and new evidence relating directly to her safety has NOT been considered by the UKBA.

The second case involves a married couple, Nadia Arzane – who is 14 weeks pregnant and her husband Bashir.

Third case: Kiana Firouz: an openly-gay actress from Iran is campaigning against the Home Office’s decision to refuse her asylum, this week, because she will face execution in her homeland. &

We have serious, genuine concerns about how the UKBA is operating which are illustrated by the following:

We believe that innocent lives are being seriously endangered by incorrect decisions and the UKBA ignoring crucial evidence relevant to their safety:

Another case is that of Anselme Noumbiwa who faces certain persecution because of his Christian faith if he is forcibly returned to Cameroon.

Please suspend these deportations at least until after the General Election when they should be considered individually. So far we know that crucial evidence, such as provided by Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and other agencies has been ignored by the UKBA. We would like this to be carefull considered on an urgent basis.

It is extremely important that these deportations are stopped. Urgent intervention is needed particularly as these dates seem to have been brought forward so action can be taken against these innocent and extremely frightened people whilst Parliament is dissoved. This can not be allowed to happen.

These issues are very important to hundreds of thousands of Iranians in the UK and worldwide. UK Iranians and human rights activists are waiting to vote whilst considering how appallingly the UKBA is treating refugees seeking a safe haven from the violent, fascist regime in Iran. In addition, the UK is being perceived very negatively around the world because of these cases and others. We believe their perceptions should be challenged by you taking immediate action to show the UK does care about human rights of vulnerable individuals.

We also call for full disclosure from the UK Border Agency about other deportees being held, who’s cases have not been announced and an immediate amnesty on all cases until after the election.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and we would appreciate an urgent response.

Sincerely Yours“

Linked here:

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URGENT: New deportation date set for Bita Ghaedi: May 5 2010

April 27, 2010

Bitte unterstützen:

bita ghaedi



1) Make Bita’s case VISIBLE: the media refuses to cover these illegal deportations to Iran. Ensure that the world knows what the British government is doing. Bita is but one case: there are many lined up behind her in the UK alone, including Nadia Arzane & Bashir Foris, and Kiana Firouz. What happens to Bita paves the road for the others. Post about Bita in every blog, in every comment section that you can. Raise the visibility.

2) SEND EMAIL. Send a clear, strong message to the responsible parties. Sample text and addresses are below:

To whom it may concern, regarding Bita Ghaedi, HO Ref G1149090/5:

As a citizen of xx, I am disgusted by how Britain is handling Bita Ghaedi’s asylum case. I am appalled that despite global outcry, the UK Border Agency has chosen to cold-bloodedly pursue the deportation of Bita Ghaedi now set for May 5.

Ghaedi sought refuge in the UK with viable grounds for establishing refugee status. In Iran, Ghaedi’s life was circumscribed, bound, tortured, and scarred by pervasive gender-based violence. Her refusal to submit to gender-based oppression in Iran ensures that she will be under threat of the barbaric practice of stoning if she is returned to Iran. Furthermore, her political activities with PMOI/MEK/MKO mark her as an opponent of the present regime; thus it is also on political grounds that she will face certain execution upon return to Iran.

Your office received over 2700 petition signatures to stop this atrocious human rights violation, and you have been the target of protests in the UK and the US. The UK is very well aware of the current human rights crisis in Iran, marked by a rapid rate of executions occurring over the past few weeks. Your response has been to deport Ghaedi in clear violation of the law. This is criminal.

I demand that this illegal act by the UK, which violates international principles of non-refoulement, be halted and Bita Ghaedi be granted aylum and refugee status.

Understand that England will be held publicly accountable for the fate of Bita Ghaedi.


Mail to:

Bita’s Story:

Bita Ghaedi is a young woman whose life in Iran was circumscribed, bound, tortured, and scarred by the pervasive gender-based violence she experienced. Her political activities with PMOI/MEK/MKO mark her as an opponent of the regime, and also one who will face certain execution upon return to Iran.

She has sought refuge in the UK with her partner Mohsen. She has viable grounds for establishing refugee status: she has numerous reasons to fear for her life if she is returned, and it is illegal under UN agreements on the Status of Refugees to violate the principle of non-refoulement, or returning an asylum-seeker to a country where they have grounds to fear persecution. England is a signatory to the legally-binding agreements on Status of Refugees, and Bita’s case is very clear cut. Nevertheless, David Miliband’s government declared that she would be deported back to Iran.


1) More on Bita from the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns

2) MFI’s complete coverage of and response to the UKs injustice towards Bita Ghaedi.

Read on:

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برای ایران آزاد mission free iran

April 21, 2010

embassy row for bita
Photo taken April 20, 2010, nearby the British Embassy on Embassy Row. We protested for Bita all the way back to the car, where we remembered that we forgot to get photos of the event. So I got to hold one sign and the bushes held a few too. :)

[report forthcoming]

Small but nice … Actions for Bita Ghaedi … Event photo …

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Iranian German’s Blog

April 20, 2010

Wie bereits vor einigen Wochen berichtet wurde, steht der nach England geflüchteten Iranerin Bita Ghaedi die Abschiebung in die islamische Republik unmittelbar bevor.

Eine erneutes Gesuch auf Asyl wurde jetzt abgelehnt. Ghaedi hatte ihr Heimatland verlassen, weil sie u.a. politisch verfolgt wird und im Iran nicht nur eine Verhaftung, sondern Folter und die Todesstrafe zu erwarten hätte. Zu diesem Anlass sollen Proteste vor britischen Botschaften in aller Welt stattfinden, wie z.B. heute in Washington DC.

Des Weiteren sind alle Mitstreiter dazu aufgerufen, die Petition für Bita Ghaedi zu unterzeichnen und diese Informationen soweit wie möglich zu streuen.


Infos zu Bita Ghaedi und den Protesten:

Protest in Washington

Hands off Bita Ghaedi

Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation. Her own words…

Petition für Bita Ghaedi

Dieser Artikel ist eine Zusammenfassung der beiden englischen Artikel von Mission free Iran – MFI – über die Situation von Bita Ghaedi, die ich hier geteilt habe … Weitere Entwicklungen folgen …

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NO DEPORTATION TO IRAN, REGARDLESS OF PARTY: Stand Against UK’s Deportation of Bita Ghaedi

April 19, 2010

Empfohlen von ulibee

Im Vorlauf zu diesem Blogpost wurde dieser post via tweetlonger verbreitet. [Hinzugefügt: es wird jetzt empfohlen, Milliband den Sachverhalt nicht per Twitter zu senden, da er darauf nicht reagiert … Alle weiteren Seiten haben ein update erhalten …]

On Friday 16th April 2010, @Khoshkeledoc said:


I have been advised by Bita’s partner that she was arrested this morning in the UK and is now at grave risk of being deported back to Iran where she will most certainly be arrested, putting her life in danger.

We managed to obtain nearly 2,700 signatures on our petition earlier this year which was sent to the UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Before and since that time, Bita has been on hunger strike and is weak and distressed. Here is a review of her situation which details her exploitation both within and outside of Iran which makes her a vulnerable person at this time:

Although Bita has friends who have been connected to the PMOI in the UK, we all know that the regime are currently seeking to exaggerate such connections or even lie that they exist in order to charge innocent people, therefore Bita is in even greater danger should the UK Foreign Office choose to deport her.

There is a very strong argument that NO ONE should be forcibly returned to Iran until the corrupt, repressive regime has been replaced by a democratic government and a fair legal system.

PLEASE ring David Miliband at his local office on #44191 456 8910 or at the UK Foreign Office on #4420 7008 1500 to ask him to personally intervene to make sure Bita is NOT deported.

Please also RT this Twitlonger, copying to @DMiliband and @DowningStreet as well as @SarahBrown10 (The UK Prime Minister’s wife who is known for her humanitarian work) to ask them to take action. The UK is coming up to a General Election in a month’s time and we need to ensure that the voices of the 50,000 UK Iranians are heard, and their rights upheld.

We cannot let ANY Iranian be deported back to a country oppressed by the regime whom we KNOW we will be at risk of arrest, torture and worse at their hands.

PLEASE HELP – thank you.

by Maria Rohaly

We at Mission Free Iran have campaigned hard over the past few weeks for Jamal Saberi’s freedom and for his legal status as a refugee to be declared. Because of his activism for human rights and against the Islamic regime, and because his party (Worker-communist Party of Iran) is a vocal opponent of the Islamic regime, Saberi will face certain execution if he is forcibly returned. Yet in violation of its own and international laws, the Japanese government is trying to deport him to Iran.

We were determined to stop Jamal’s deportation to Iran to save his life. But we also believed that by defeating Japan’s bid to deport Saberi to Iran, we could deter other governments from attempting the same illegal act.

Because we knew there would be more cases, and more efforts to break international and national laws against violating the principle of non-refoulement. More attempts by Western governments to appease the Islamic regime by sending its opponents home to be dealt with accordingly: by execution.

And indeed, we have our next case before us: Bita Ghaedi. (You can read about her story here: 1, 2, 3.)

Her life in Iran was circumscribed, bound, tortured, and scarred by the pervasive gender-based violence she experienced. Her political activities with PMOI/MEK/MKO mark her as an opponent of the regime, and also one who will face certain execution upon return to Iran.

She has sought refuge in the UK with viable grounds for establishing refugee status. She has numerous reasons to fear for her life if she is returned, and yet today, David Miliband’s government declared that she would be deported back to Iran this Tuesday, April 20 2010.

Like Jamal Saberi, Bita Ghaedi is first and foremost a human being with human rights. Regardless of political party, regardless of ideology, the lives of these people come first. We must stand up for these people, who have committed no crimes. Their lives are treated, meanly, like pawns on a gameboard. The lion’s share of the shame in this goes to the governments that willingly sit across the table from the Islamic regime and engage with it, legitimating its torturing, murdering ways.

Our lives are not pawns for the bloody games of governments that pay nothing more than lip service to ideals of human rights, to the international laws they have committed themselves to. If these governments of Japan, of England – if they cannot manage the simple act of holding themselves accountable for the commitments they have made, then we must remind them of their place, their commitments, and to whom they are responsible: to the people. To us. To you, to me, to Bita and Jamal.

Shame on the UK.
Shame on Japan.
Shame on the human rights organizations that stay silent in the face of an onslaught of undeniable violations.

Bravo to the beautiful sisters and brothers who stand up to fight for the lives of all of the Bitas and Jamals of this world.

I close with the words of Bishop Niemoeller, from the time of the Holocaust. We know them nearly by heart, yet forget them every day:

“THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

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