Kompass Antira Newsletter May 2018

„… The mixture (for the program of the conference in Goettingen) at least sounds promising: from networking meetings to strategy discussions, between academy and activism, from many selforganised initiatives to international guests, from the exchange of daily struggles to the mobilization for the next big parade in September…“.

The Kompass-Anti-Ra-Newsletter for May 2018, in full text attached and in the following links with photos and layout.
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English version:

German version:

Kompass – AntiRa – Newsletter No. 69, May 2018

10.5.-13.5. in Göttingen: Conference for a grand coalition of antiracism +++ 2nd Newsletter from We`ll Come United +++ 15.5. in Berlin: Protest-action for family reunification +++ Solingen 1993 – Never forget – series of events and demonstration at 26.5. +++ 26.5. in Hannover: preparation for a demonstration against the detention prison in Büren +++ 6.-8. of June in Halle: Youth without borders against interior minister conference +++ Banner-action against deportations to Afghanistan +++ Mediterranean Coalitions of Struggle – Alarm Phone Report +++ Central Med: Open Arms with partial success, Iuventa remains confiscated +++ About the trial against Moria 35 ++++ Memorial on Lesvos +++ Aegean sea: Mare Liberum Project will start +++ Review: Actions in Zarzis/Tunesia;Togo-Demonstration in Berlin +++  Outlook: 22nd of June 2018: Education not deportation…Schoolstrike!; 5.-8. of July: Summercamp from We`ll Come United; 29.9. in Hamburg: big We`ll Come United Parade

Last Call Göttingen!
In a few days it will start and probably it will be the biggest and most important conference of the antiracist movement in Germany in 2018. From 10th to 13th of May various networks invite for a „grand coalition of Anti-Racism“. Several hundred activists are expected to come and the program offers a lot – concerning structures, contents and practices. The mixture at least sounds promising: from networking meetings to strategy discussions, between academy and activism, from many selforganised initiatives to international guests, from the exchange of daily struggles to the mobilization for the next big parade in September – https://16.kritnet.org

Apropos We`ll Come United: the „swarming into Cities und Communities“ started well and got an impressive new space on the website: http://www.welcome-united.org/en/swarming-materials/. From sea-rescue to the struggles against deportation, here are materials collected in many languages in order to foster the circulation of the struggles for freedom of movement and equal rights. Everybody is invited and requested to contribute, to share experiences and information, to pick up ideas and to develope it further.

From Ellwangen to Moria: in the camps at the external and internal borders of Europe the desperation often change into anger and lead into revolts for freedom of movement and against the deportation regime. In Ellwangen finally the deportation of a young man from Togo was enforced by a huge police operation, connected with a violent and degrading raid in the whole first reception camp. After the revolt in Moria in July last year the trial against the 35 accused finally lead to their release after nine months of imprisonment but nevertheless to convictions, which justify the arbitrary act. Dark times, in which our solidarity seems to be even more important with everybody who stands up against this injustice.

Let us block the policy of exclusion, deportation and exploitation, wherever it is possible. Let us set signs for an open and inclusive society in solidarity, whenever it is possible. Or as written in the newsletter from We`ll Come United: No time for a break! United against racism!
See you in Goettingen,
the Kompass-team

Dates and Information for May 2018

10.5.-13.5. in Göttingen: Conference for a Grand Coalition of Antiracism
We want to invite you to the conference “Come together! For a Grand Coalition of Antiracism” on March 10th – 13th in Göttingen.
At the conference, the networks Welcome United, Network for Critical Migration and Border Regime Studies (kritnet), Solidarity City, RLS Gesprächskreis Migration will join together.
We want to intensify the connections between various threads of Antiracism and of our engagement and discuss together about current developments or migration politics and protest movements in Germany, Europe and beyond. We will reflect on our political practice, network and develop common strategies for the future. Networking-meetings, panels, workshops, theatre and films will take place.
The programme is on the homepage together with a call in different languages: Call English , Call German, Call Farsi, Call Arabic.
Please register through the Registration formula on the homepage.
There is an exchange forum for sleeping places provided, vegan/vegetarian food is prepared by different kitchen collectives and child care is offered. For the plenaries, simultaneous translation in different languages is provided and for the workshops whisper translation.
Further information are on the website: https://16.kritnet.org

2nd Newsletter of We`ll Come United
Dear friends,
when we move, the world moves. And there’s a lot going on, we must tell you.
The first flyers and posters can be ordered and the route for the parade is already registered: 29 September 2018 in Hamburg will be the great day of our anti-racist mobilisation. Go ahead, rent the buses, submit your holiday and call everyone. UNITED AGAINST RACISM – It will be great!
At the same time, we keep on swarming out decentrally. Events and meetings take place in many places, and at the same time a variety of materials is produced in dozens of languages, which can be ordered immediately or soon in our „Swarming Office“ in Berlin (see below).
„The grand coalition of anti-racism“ is the title of the conference we are inviting to Göttingen from 10 to 13 May together with other networks. The first two days will be used for the preparation process of We’ll Come United. Friday evening starts with a common, varied program of our networks.
From July 5 to 8, We`ll Come United is organizing a summer camp in Brandenburg. There we want to create another space for an intensive exchange of experiences and take another joint approach for a strong summer mobilization of the following 10 weeks until the end of September.
So long: No time for a break! United against Racism!
Full newsletter here: http://www.welcome-united.org

15.5. in Berlin: Protest-action for family reunification
„…  The Federal Government is preparing a new law, the „Family Reunification Renewal Act“ (FzNeuG). The law is to set criteria for selecting from around 60,000 family members of refugees with subsidiary protection the 12,000 per year who will be allowed to enter as „humanitarian cases“. How can there be fair criteria for this?
The families of refugees with subsidiary protection live in war zones or in inhumane conditions in transit camps or on the street. Whether in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan – a normal life is nowhere possible for them. Who of them should not be a „humanitarian case“?
This law is intended to divide us by making visa procedures into a contest and bringing those affected into direct competition with each other. We will not allow that. We will fight together until all our families are here. Human rights must not depend on quotas!
For 15th of May 2018, the International Day of Families, we are planning a protest action in Berlin. You are all welcome to help us with the planning! Come in great numbers!…“
Save the Date:
Action in Berlin 15.05.2018, from 16:00, Place will be announced.
Initiative ‚Familienleben für Alle!‘ Berlin/Brandenburg

Solingen 1993 – Never forget !
Campaigns newsletter, series of events and demonstration at 26.5.
„25 years after the murderous fire-attack in Solingen we want to remember to these incidents with a newsletter and a series of events. We will try to include as much as possible the perspective of the affected people…“ The call to the demonstration in Solingen, more texts and articles and also a calendar of events until 16th of June in various cities of NRW (in german):

26.5. in Hannover: 100 years of detention prisons are enough! Preparation for the protest in Büren in 2019…
In 2019 the racist practice of detention prisons will exist for 100 years in Germany. 100 years are 100 years too much. Its time to end this human rights abusing practice in Germany. The year 2019 will not happen without protests, actions and evaluations about these 100 years.
An open germanwide alliance is under construction to plan a powerful demonstration in 2019. At 26th of May another germanwide preparation-meeting will take place in Hanover to think about together, in which ways, when and where this anti-jubilee can be organized. We are interested in your ideas. For more information and questions pls contact paderbewebi@gmail.com
When: 26.5.18  13.00 Uhr
Where: Flüchtlingsrat NDS(Röpkestr. 12, 30173 Hannover)

6.-8. Juni in Halle: Youth without borders against the IMK
Youth conference and action-program for the interior minister conference
Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (JoG) together with „Halle gegen Rechts – Bündnis für Zivilcourage“ and Flüchtlingsrat Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.  invites for a demonstration with the slogan: „Anker lichten – Bleiberecht, volle Kraft voraus!“ („Hoist the anchour – Right to stay, full speed ahead“
Wednesday 06.06.2018,  17:30 Uhr, Steintor, Halle : DEMO for the right to stay
Thursday 07.06.18 GALA and Press-conference
Street Action and Press-conference in Quedlinburg, 11:30 Uhr (Infos: jogspace.net)
GALA- election of the deportation minister 2018 and celebration for volontier initiatives – 19 Uhr Puschkinhaus, Kardinal-Albrecht-Straße 6, Halle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jogspace/ Web: http://jogspace.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jogspace

Banner action against deportations to Afghanistan
Hello, with the last collective deprtation to Afghanistan on 24/4/2018 21 people were deported, among them many from Bavaria. Not „only“ perpetrators of crminal acts or persons supposedly posing a threat, but also persons who were well integrated were deported. Many of those affected had been living in Germany for many years, had a steady job, were about to start an apprenticeship or to marry. Despite the war which has been going on for 40 years and the worsening security situation for civilians the federal government and the state of Bavaria still deport to Afghanistan. We, the Refugee Council of Bavaria an the Karawane Munich, have started a banner acion and would ike to expand it nationally. Persons, groups, clubs and institutions can participate in the action to mark their dissent against deportations to Afghanistan. The current participants and first impressions can be found on our website. To make our protest against the inhumane practice of deportations to Afghanistan heard we are approaching institutions from all sectors of public life, including cultural and political institutions, universities, churches, various companies and individuals. The more banners are hung the better! …
How can you participate? We will give you the printing file so you can order the banners yourelves. At the office of the Refugee Council of Bavaria big banners (3.5m x 1.5m) can be picked up for 55 Euro and small banners (2m x 1m) for 30 Euro. A picture of the banner is attached.
It would be ideal if individuals/clubs/groups in other cities promoted distribution in their cities. …
Let us clearly voice our dissent against this policy of deportation!
Afghanistan is not safe!

Mediterranean Coalitions of Struggle – new Alarm Phone Report
…It offers an overview of the situation in the three main Mediterranean regions and the developments there – devastating forms of deterrence, forcible returns, and criminalisation. But, at first, the report gives an account of the many political campaigns and struggles that members of the Alarm Phone have been involved in over the past six weeks, ranging from our 24/7 phone activism, symbolic actions in the Netherlands, protests with fishermen in Tunisia, rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean, counter-investigations that speak back to European attempts to criminalise non-governmental rescue, to collective commemorations in Greece. These trans-Mediterranean coalitions of struggle show that Europe will not be allowed to foster its murderous regime without contestation.
The report can be found on our website: https://alarmphone.org/en/2018/05/02/mediterranean-coalitions-of-struggle/?post_type_release_type=post
And on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watchthemed.alarmphone/posts/2105763373031228

Central Mediterranean:
Open Arms with partial success, Iuventa remains confiscated
In the April edition of Kompass Newsletter we reported the confiscation of the ship of Proactiva-Open Arms, now there has been a partial success in the courts:
Berlin, 24/4/2018 Court of appeal in Rome upholds confiscation of Jugend rettet e.V.´s Iuventa. Despite lacking evidence against the organisation and the high number of deaths on the central Mediterranean route the Iuventa will still be missing from the operation zone.
Detailed counter research about the allegations against Iuventa:
Further current reports about the situation in the central Mediterranean Sea:

Trial against Moria 35
Moria 35 Trial Ends in Conviction of 32 –
But After 9 Months of Unjust Detention, the 35 will Finally be Free!
While all 35 defendants should soon be released from detention, a gross miscarriage of justice took place today at the Mixed Jury Court in Chios, Greece where a ruling of guilty was declared against 32 of the 35 defendants. The 35 were arbitrarily and violently arrested in Moria camp in Lesvos on 18 July 2017 following what started as a peaceful protest outside of an EASO office. This inherently unsafe verdict, reached despite an overwhelming lack of evidence, follows a week long trial which continuously violated fundamental principles of a fair trial under Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights and brings into serious question the impartiality of both the Judges and Prosecutor in the case…
Full statement here:
Report in german:

Memorial on Lesvos
On 24 of April 2018 one year had passed since 22 people among them two children lost their lives in the boat accident north of Lesvos. Rescue teams managed many hours later to rescue two women alive, one of them pregnant in the 8th month.
Sylvie and Joelle and the little girl Victoria, born in Mitilini just one month later, came again to Lesvos to remember this year. Together with the rescue teams of Refugee Rescue / Mo chara and with the activists from Watch the Med Alarm Phone and Welcome to Europe they returned to the place the rescued women and also the dead bodies had been brought one year ago. …
Der ganze Text mit Fotos hier:

Aegean Sea: Mare Liberum Project will start…
Dear people,
We are on a mission and need your support! Please spread the word! In 2017 Sea-Watch relocated the Sea-Watch 1 – the first vessel of the civil rescue fleet – in the Aegean Sea where they launched a mission observing the human rights situation for migrants fleeing from Turkey to Greece. We strongly feel that in addition to all the initiatives in site this effort is still urgently needed. Therefore we – a collective of activists from different backgrounds – founded an association to continue the mission: Mare Liberum!
We will be monitoring the human rights situation in the Aegean Sea from our own ship. The goal is to increase pressure for the rescue of migrants crossing from Turkey to Greece, strengthening solidarity and human rights.
For more info check our website: http://www.mare-liberum.org
Donate on betterplace.org
Like and share us on facebook!
Follow us on Twitter!
We will need around 6.500 € per month to maintain our ship and conduct our missions. Support us with your donation. Every contribution helps!
borderline-europe e.V.
GLS Bank, Bochum
IBAN: DE11 4306 0967 4005 7941 00
Reference: Mare Liberum
You can contact us at any time by email to info@mare-liberum.org.

Actions in Zarzis/Tunesia
On Monday the 9th of April, in Zarzis, Tunisia, 100 people demonstrated against the ongoing deaths and disappearances at sea caused by the lethal migration policies of the European Union as well as the criminalisation of Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean. Fishermen, human rights defenders and members of civil society, surrounded the port on 5 boats in order to express their anger and to affirm the dignity of all.
Zarzis is a daily witness of the violence of the EU border regime. It hosts the cemetery of the unknown which contains the bodies of those who are found and never identified on the shores around the town of Zarzis. The fishermen of Zarzis are at the forefront of the migration tragedy. They suffer from the distress of being confronted to the many bodies which get caught in their nets out at sea.

Togo-Demo in Berlin:
About 100 people demonstrated at 6th of April in front of the embassy of Togo and in front of the Department of foreign affairs in Berlin. In solidarity with the pro-democracy movement in Togo they demanded the stop of political-military collaboration between the german government and the regime in Togo and the stop of all deportations.
Find pictures here:

June 2018: Education not Deportation … School-strike!
For June 2018 a big school-strike against deporation is in preparation, Initiative by a group of students from Nuremberg… First information on the following two websites:

5.-8. July: Summercamp of We`ll Come United
The network We`ll Come United is planning a summercamp in Brandenburg for the beginning of July. On the big antiracist conference in Goettingen the preparation process will continue and the idea will be presented.
Contact: mail@welcome-united.org

29.9. in Hamburg: big We`ll Come United Parade

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