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Chartered ships for two years for refugee expulsions by Frontex
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Three ships schould get chartered by Frontex for the next two years,
renewable one year, to make deportations of refugees and migrants from
Lesvos, Chios and Kos ports of Turkey.

The notice of Frontex competition is made under the controversial
EU-Turkish Declaration on refugee, although precarious situation of
human rights in neighbor and although pending Council of State on the
legality or otherwise of the decision to expel two Syrians who deny that
a „safe third country“ for them Turkey.

According to the tender notice, until February 14, to be submitted
separate bids to charter three boats, which will carry out deportation
routes once a week from Lesbos to Dikili and twice a month from Chios to
Cesme from Kos in Gkioulouk.

The cost is two million euro for Lesvos and one million euro for the
other two services and contract out to 48 months, renewable twice for a
total of another year.

The vessels must have a minimum capacity of 100 people indoors, which
will enable you to restrict access to the outdoors.

Sensation caused by the labeling of the notice that „to ensure proper
hygiene and cleanliness of the ship, the seats during travel can be
covered with protective plastic covers.“

Doctor on trip
The vessel must be equipped with all the necessary rescue materials and
have a doctor during the trip, which will carry with them the basic
medical equipment and generic drugs.

also envisaged catering species as those deported and the accompanying
staff: two sandwich without pork, a can of soda and two small bottles of

also sought to ensure the confidentiality of the proceedings of the
board staff, which will not be sent photos and videos or comments on
social media everything that happens on the trip.

Despite all the developments in Turkey and the question of refugees
deportation facility and immigrants in a country which they claim rights
organizations, it can not ensure that it respects the principle of
non-refoulement, that gives refugees the rights stipulated in
international refugee law and that gives them access to decent living
conditions, the European Commission is preparing to step up deportations
in Turkey, determined to implement all costs the Euro-Turkish declaration.

A few days ago, the European Border Guard and Coast Guard launched the
so-called European Groups Intervention topics Return, consisting of 690
experts in return, escorts and observers, who will act in emergency
situations, either voluntarily or by invitation of a member state . The
decision on asylum and deportation remains with the Member States.

„Ensuring the return of irregular migrants who do not fulfill the
conditions for entry, stay or residence in the EU and reducing
incentives for illegal immigration are essential elements for the policy
proper operation on migration and an important objective of our European
Agenda for Migration, „said the European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos.



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