Qatar airways – Meridiana investment #deportation flights to #Afghanistan – next: 07.01.2017

Both mails from the action2-I mailinglist …

„Thanks for the info.

Since you mentioned they don’t have offices in germany – it’s maybe worth throwing out there the info that Qatar Airways, which I am pretty sure does have offices in Germany, apparently announced in July they would buy 49% of the shares of Meridiana, which is a relatively small airline (Qatar Airways as you might know also deports many people on their flights, for example the recent flight to Sudan from Calais).

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[migrationstruggles] Meridiana airlines
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016 22:43:27 +0000

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Hi all,

today the first charter deportation flight from Germany to Afghanistan
has been executed. It won’t be the last: the next one is planned for
7th January. I think I do not need to explain anybody on this list that
Afghanistan is not a safe place and that these deportations are the
beginning of a big deportation scheme the EU has negotiated with the
Afghan government in September this year on the annual development aid
conference for the country.

The airlines conducting the flights is called Meridiana. They do not
have any offices in Germany but this might be different in Italy where
the airline is based. Please boycott the airline, flood their mail
addresses with complaints or even visit their offices and do anything
you think will make it painful and expensive for them to conduct any
more charter flights to Afghanistan:

if you have contacts in Italy please pass this information on…“

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