Per Mail via Fluchtliste:

In Solidarity with Aleppo – Stop bombardment of Aleppo
We ask ourselves: have the daily news about killed humans in Syria, besieged cities and starvation become a habit?
Helplessness and powerlessness have grown much – which influence has our voice on the situation in Syria?
How can we still show the besieged civilians, who are being annihilated by Al-Assad and Russian air forces, our solidarity with them?
It’s time to stand up against the killing in syria: we all detest war and long for freedom. That’s why we must not stay silent and show more than just our sympathy and sorrow.
All humanitarian values and principles are being currently trampled under foot in syria, let’s show the concerned people in syria, that we’re not looking away, but rather stand in solidarity with them.
After four years of constant shelling in Syria and especially Aleppo by Assad, Russia and their allies, according to the UN more than 250.000 civilian in Aleppo are suffering today due to the brutal escalation of violence under siege – without any access to hospitals, sufficient food resources or schools– the basic requirements for a civil life.
We are calling out for a rally in solidarity with the besieged people of Aleppo
on Friday, the 02.12.2016, at 6:00 o’clock in front of Die Glocke (by Domsheide)
We demand an immediate stop of Assad and Russia bombardment of Aleppo
Let’s try to get the voices of the besieged people and their agony heard


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