06/10: Travellers in distress rescued to Samos, Greece

<b>Watch The Med Alarm Phone Investigations – 6th of October 2016</b>
<i>Case name</i>: 2016_10_6-AEG267
<i>Situation</i>: Boat in distress rescued to Samos
<i>Status of WTM Investigation</i>: Concluded
<i>Place of Incident</i>: Aegean Sea
<i>Summary of the Cases:</i> On Thursday, the 6th of October 2016, at 5.16am a contact person sent us a position of a boat in distress. We checked the position and told him that the boat was in Greek waters. He told us that the Coastguard was already near the boat, but that he called because he was afraid of a push-back. At 6.13am the contact person sent us the number of a person on the boat. We reached out to the people in the boat, who told us that they had been rescued. Around noon, we were contacted via Facebook about a distress case near Samos. However, it soon turned out that the boat in question had already been rescued and we realised that the boat was the same as the one we had dealt with in the morning. A press release of the Greek Coastguard later also confirmed the rescue of a boat with 65 persons in the early morning of the 6th. According to the press release, and in line with what our contact persons told us, the people in distress had been brought to Samos.

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