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Building the transnational social strike. From the 15.09 demonstration

to the 21-23.10 meeting in Paris
The approval of the loi travail and the government’s autoritarianism do

not stop the French movement. This movement aims high: it does not only

fight a single law, but also its entire «world», that is a world of

precarization of life and work, a world of powerlessness imposed on

precarious, migrants, workers and students. Now the challenge is to

continue struggling against this world. We need not to lose the uprising

potential which has filled the streets, the workplaces, the schools and

the theaters. We need to give continuity to the power that turned the

strikes in the workplaces into mass social strikes, with the

demonstrations, the occupations, the widespread refusal of precarity in

each place in which it is produced. We need to continue struggling

together, by overcoming the divisions that separate us inside the

workplaces and inside society, by creating connections between different

conditions of precarity.
We believe that all this needs to be done also by crossing the French

borders and by building transnational connections. With the measures

imposed by the loi travail, we become more and more equal, as far as the

material conditions of precarity are concerned, to the Polish and

Spanish industrial workers, to the migrants who cross the Balkanroute,

to the German, English and Italian precarious workers. It’s time to turn

this equality between different conditions of exploitation into a

collective power able to be poured down over those who precarize us. We

need to fight against the logic of precarization based on division and

competition. It’s time that this equality becomes a power able to attack

those who precarize us. It is not enough to struggle on the national

level to keep those rights that the law destroyed. The loi travail in

France, Hartz IV in Germany, the jobs act in Italy, the loi Peeters in

Belgium : the attack on workers’ rights are clear all over Europe. We

have to turn upside down the mechanism according to which a conquest in

one place becomes a loss in another place.
What is happening in France is unprecedented. The collective refusal of

subordination to wage and employers has been the center of gravity

around which different struggles have revolved: the struggle for a

material democracy, against the police repression attacking

demonstrators and unionists; against the repressive state of emergency.

Unprecedented connections have been possible because it has been clear

that a fight for real democracy needs to tackle the fake alternative

between precarity and unemployment. Through the strike as a mass refusal

of work and of an exploitation, convergences between migrants,

precarious workers, students and unemployed have been experimented in

order to overcome the existing divisions. The struggles in the

factories, in the streets and in the schools have been able to disrupt

the production of value and the circulation of profits and to block

whole cities in their daily modes of operation. In order to defeat the

«world» of the loi travail, the strike needs to be at the same time

social, logistical and metropolitan.
The challenge we are confronted with now is to relaunch the political

power of the strike and of the convergence of the struggles on a

transnational level. The Transnational Social Strike Platform, a

transnational network of workers, activists and unionists that organize

themselves to build an opposition to the neoliberal European

constitution, is the place in which the convergence of the struggles

that took place in the last months in France can be amplified and

expanded. The TSS Platform must become a space of organization where the

different conditions of precarity can build common demands and a shared

discourse able to be also a reference point for those millions of women

and men who struggle everyday against precarity. The Transnational

Social Strike Platform is the opportunity for us to share our experience

of struggle of the last months with all Europe and beyond. It is the

chance to aim at a transnational mobilization inside and outside the

workplaces, to move together towards the transnational uprising of

living labor. This is the only possibility for us to turn the chant of

rebellion reaching over from France to the precarious, migrants and

workers throughout Europe into a real collective power. The French

social strike can and must become a transnational social strike.
For these reasons, we invite you to take part in the demonstration of

September 15th in Paris to cry out loud once again that the government’s

arrogance does not silence the French movement. Besides, for all these

reasons we think that the meeting organized by the Transnational Social

Strike Platform, taking place in Paris from the 21st to the 23rd of

October, will be the occasion to discuss about how to continue on a

bigger scale the struggle against the loi travail and its world.
TSS Assembly France



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