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Occupation in Munich on 7th of September 2016


After a powerful demonstration trough Munich round about 50 Refugees
decided to occupy “Sendlinger Tor Platz”.

Around 3 p.m. the demonstration started at Stachus/ Karlsplatz with
multilingual slogans such as „1-2-3-4 alle Menschen bleiben hier,“
„Sadda haq aethey rakh“ or „Solidarité avec les sans-papiers“. People
from different countries of origin joined together to fight for their

The problems of the refugee women were addressed as well. On applause
this problems were declared to the problems of the whole protest. A
person described the daily lives of many women, lesbians, inter- and
transpeople*: “ War, financial problems and financial dependence, rape,
female genital mutilation, forced marriage, no freedom of decision about
one’s sexual orientation, no freedom of decision about one’s gender
identity, no freedom of choosing a religion or clothing. “
Solidarity and resolution drew the demonstration. According to this were
the words of a Non-Citizen: „The German state divides us into local and
foreign, into legal and illegal, and the German government also divides
us in economic and political refugees. We are protesting against this
because we want to fight together, live and have equal rights.”

Since 7 p.m. the “Sendlinger Tor Platz” is occupied by round about 50
Refugees to protest for their right to stay.

follow them on twitter: @refugeestruggle


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