March 08, 2016 at 11:58PM

Via mail …

„Dear lists – and people behind it. After fortress Europe is finally closing its borders and supporting ridiculous trades with a country that is constantly violating human rights, Albania might become more interesting as a route to move on from Greece. There has been a group traveling Albania for some days in the last two weeks. A report also with questions what information to share and follow-up will be send within the next days. The group did – contrary to press releases – not meet, see or hear of any bigger amounts of refugees waiting at or crossing the border from Greece to Albania. Also camps at Korca and Gjirokaster do not exist so far (until 5th of march), also confirmed by UNHCR Albania and Albanian activist. There is reports that Albania is „collecting“ people near the border and sending them back to Greece and does not take any migrants coming from Greece or Macedonia. More coming soon, some comments and opinions on topic „Albania and new travel routes“ would be interesting. Solidarity greetings! Some articles on the topic from the last days:
via Do Note



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