September 19, 2015 at 06:50PM – WALK WITH THE REFUGEES MOVEMENT

As I can no longer bear to watch how these refugees are being treated as they are being lead through a cat and mouse game whilst the world is watching. I want to create a movement of people who will walk with the refugees.
If we can get people, volunteers who can setup a group in their countries. So we could have a group in Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Macedonia etc….So all the countries where the refugees will be walking through and we the people the human race just walk with them and protest this will gain so much publicity and awareness..
We need people from all the countries where the refugees are stuck to have focal point who will coordinate and then everyone meets up with the refugees and walks with them.
This can be coordinated so that some people can walk in the day and some can walk in the night. If people can walk all day and night with them then this is good. At the same time who ever joins in the walk brings the necessities water, food, tent etc. and some bags of food and drink for the refugees.
We will need banners to make our point…
I want to know WHO is interested and who can coordinate within their countries….Please spread the word…….WALK WITH THE REFUGEES MOVEMENT
I will then setup pages for each of the countries who will coordinate……
For the sake of humanity and for the sake of our children and our next generation lets stop this NOW.

via Do Note



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