Hamburg Police brutalizing Lampedusa refugees peaceful protest

stop deportation

Urgent/Dringend: Police evicts the peaceful protest of Lampedusa in Hamburg / Polizei räumt den friedlichen Protest der Lampedusa in Hamburg
(See below caravan info in english and deutsch unten)

lampedusa in hamburg

Register your protest by Telephone, Fax and email to the Authorities in Hamburg and Luxemburg:

Please act to stop the police violence that is taking place in Hamburg against the 50 to 60 refugees of the Lampasas’ group in Hamburg who are on sit-in-strike in solidarity protest in front of city hall.

The refugees are demanding from the city administration of Hamburg to
grant their request for residence permit according to paragraph 23 and
workingpermits and also to express their solidarity with the victims of police
brutality in Luxemburg.

At about 15.00Uhr in Hamburg: The courageous Lampadusa refugees led a spontaneous protest in front of the city hall to continue the protest against their homelessness, till now several people have…

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