Demonstration, June 7th: Refugees For Change – We are here to stay!

Refugees For Change

Saturday, June 7th, 2:30pm Roßmarkt, Frankfurt am Main

How much longer do we have to protest for our rights? Is there any justice? Who will answer our call? We have been tired for years, but we are still fighting for our rights. Why are we being marginalized and discriminated? What is the meaning of democracy? When we were in our countries of origin, we knew the difference between democracy and dictatorial regimes. Today, when we analyze the great European Union, things are a lot more complicated. We hope that there will be an end to our suffering soon. Because we believe that helpless refugees should not be persecuted or punished in democratic countries.

Stop deporting hopeless refugees to the lawless countries inside the European Union. Stop the racist Dublin II and III regulations.

0152-15 82 98 42


ብምጽወታ ዝመጽእ መሰል የለን።
ክሳብ ማዓስ ኢና ንዝተጋህሱ መሰናትና ንክነኽብር…

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