Taksim Solidarity Press Release, June 8

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8 June 2013

To the Government and the Citizens of Turkey

The resistance, which started in May 27 in Taksim, İstanbul and in several cities all around Turkey against Taksim Gezi Park’s demolition has reached its eleventh day.

During these eleven days, we, as Taksim Solidarity, have been raising our demands in every sphere. We share with the suffering of the families of the deceased Abdullah Cömert, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş and Mustafa Sarı, and we wish for the recovery of thousands of blessed.

On the 5th of June, we conveyed the demands of Taksim Solidarity and of the people in the square. Since then, neither our demands have been met, nor an action has been taken. The police violence continues in several cities of Turkey.

Following the meeting held between the Government and Taksim Solidarity June 5, there haven’t been any requests for meeting the solidarity. We call the government to…

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