Deportation to AFGHANISTAN – reports –


my Norwegian friend Mona Bentzen travelled from Norway to Kabul

Mona is an artist and director and a devoted human rights activist; she went on this journey on her own initiative,  on her own expenses and without any further support  – to find out what happens to deportees from Norway to Afghanistan ..

in Kabul she was living with deportees from Norway and from other European countries; her reports are disturbing – and not at all congruent with information given by deporting authorities in Europe regarding the security situation for deportees …

I wish so very much her diary-report was translated to English .. but I couldn’t wait any longer for the – hopefully soon coming –  translation; I’ve been using googletranslator, which isn’t translating well, but it’s helpful to get the main points

Mona published it on her facebook and Flyktning i Norge پناهنده در ناروی

published it…

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