InterOccupy | The next UN climate conference is 2 weeks away – COP18 in Doha, Qatar

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The next UN climate conference is 2 weeks away – COP18 in Doha, Qatar.

While this generates mixed feelings amongst all of us, it’s important for us to express solidarity with the youth activists who will be there fighting for us and future generations.

We invite all Occupiers worldwide to contribute to a collective statement of solidarity that should be short, powerful, and encouraging.

WHY this is important:

*Due to Sandy, climate is more relevant in our discourse than ever.

*There will be a significant Arab youth presence for the first time ever!!!

*Locations of previous conferences welcomed an outside presence, but activism in Doha will be more internal.

*This would address the ACTIVISTS (not the UN), allowing for wider support of this statement without isolating those who don’t ‘believe’ in the UN.

*Last year in Durban at COP17, Occupy influenced the activists both inside (it was mic checked!) and outside (Occupy COP17).

*Most occupiers were disappointed by the walk-out action at the recent Rio+20 conference. Now, we can encourage something stronger.

HOW you can contribute:

*Send the message you’d like to convey to with the subject ‘COP18′

// OR add it here:

*Include your city / group / what facet of the movement you associate with so we can keep track of our diversity.

*Get feedback from others in your city, start the conversation within your group, and spread this to your network!

*Contact us via e-mail if you can help with drafting (and indicate if you have experience in collective statement writing)


*receive all input by Nov 17/18

*draft by Nov 19/20 (will be sent to all who input & larger groups for feedback)

*finalize by Nov 21/22

It may be a time crunch, but it should be ready for the Conference of Youth on Nov 23, in Doha.

We can do it, and let’s support them so they know that they can, too!

Global solidarity and thanks to all!!

[PS: a reminder for the OWS N17 Global day against fossil fuels!]

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