Recht op Bestaan!

Since September 19, 2012 we have been protesting at the Koekamp in The Hague. With our tent camp, we have taken action for our right to stay in the Netherlands. We began in the first week with a four day action. Almost a month later, having received nothing more than a belittling letter from the Return and Departure Agency, it is now due time for the second four day action.

On Wednesday, 17-10-2012, there will be a demonstration to the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Domestic Affairs. These ministries are responsible for our current situation. Domestic Affairs Minister Leers must recognize our right to stay and the Justice Ministry must stop treating refugees like criminals. We want to show the government officials who we are, and let them know that a solution must be reached!
Meeting time: 11:30, Koekamp

Thursday 18-10-2012, demonstration march to the main office…

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