Yep …


where are the ones, who were singing Yare Dabestani فریدون فروغی یار دبستانی  more than 3 years ago? what happend to them who are not imprisoned, who had not fled?  what are they all doing now?

one possible answer

my dear friend D. from a city next to Tehran and me from Munich

after exchanging youtube links – D. sent me Fereydoon Foroughi – Khak فریدون فروغی – خاک – in return I sent him   Fereydon Foroughi’s  Yare Dabestani فریدون فروغی یار دبستانی

one of our nightly chats … „copy – paste“

D:  Yare Dabestani is amazing!!! We always sang it during protests 2009-10

I miss those days…

…  yeah. You know what he is singing: this land is my breath… My warm blood is pure (in farsi it sounds very beautiful)

I always ask myself, how did Gandhi, Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr organize people for their cause?…

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