EMail-Aktion: URGENT To Lufthansa Security!

Please Mail to Lufthansa Security the following text. 

Lufthansa security is open 24h and it is only possible to mail them:

URGENT To Lufthansa Security!

To Lufthansa Security:

I am writing to you on Behnam Forougi´s behalf.  He
is born 22.02.1970  and has a wife and a 4 year old daughter in Norway.
He fleed from Iran to Norway 8 years ago for political reasons. In Iran he
was in prison for a month and tortured. The scare from torture has been
confirmed and documented  by St Olav Hospital in Trondheim, Norway. One of
the most known Human right lawyers in Iran, Mostafaei Mohammad, now living
in Norway has confirmed his story.                                        
                     Can you please ask the pilot from Lufthansa not to
accept to take the passanger Behnam Forougi with Lufthansa LH 600 from
Frankfurt/Main Airport today Departs 18:10 Arrives:  01:30 – Friday, 17
August 2012, Tehran – Imam Khomeini Intl (IKA), Iran.
Hi will arrive with Lufthansa LH 861 today from Oslo Gardemoen Airport,
departed 13:10 –  arriving Frankfurt Int’l (EDDF / FRA) 15:05.

If he arrives in IKA he will be delivered by Norwegian police to Iranian
police and we know that everyone that are deported will be jaild. With his
background he will be in danger of toture and long imprisonment. His child
in Norway has the right by the European Children convention agreement to
have her father in Norway.

In Germany he should be delivered to the German migration autohrites where
he can seek asylum. Due to Dubliner II agreement German will probably send
him back to Norway but then we will have more time working on his case.

Best regard
ditt navn og advokat info Amir

Copy to the Norwegian asylum organizations: Foreningen av tolvte januar,
Evy Ellingvåg. Asylum Today, Bjørg Irene Karlsen and Mona Bentzen, Iranian
Human Right Lawyer Mostafaei Mohammad and Forougis wife Satrap Mokhtari


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