Mission free Iran: #Occupy Teach-in 20 June – „What’s the relation of the 99% to the political and human rights crisis in Iran?“

Hoping, the „iranians“ could like and join #occupy …

برای ایران آزاد mission free iran

Ahmad Fatemi, Director of Mission Free Iran, will lead a teach-in on the relationship between the Occupy Movement and political imprisonment in Iran on 20 June at 12:00pm on the 1st Ave side of Dag Hammarskjold Park (opposite the UN headquarters), New York City (Dag Hammarskjold Park, 833 1st Avenue, New York).

Iranian peoples‘ struggle is in many ways similar to the struggle of the 99% Movement: women demand equality, workers demand their rights and fair compensation for their work, students demand the right to learn free from repression, people in the LGBT community demand the right to be who they are – and everyone burns for freedom. As a result, you see both in Iran and in other 99% Movements worldwide, women, students, LGBT, and workers on the front lines of this struggle. By its nature, the 99% Movement could not and did not become a “national” phenomenon –…

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