Iranian Refugees Action Network

By Dr Gill Gillespie, UK Director and Walton K Martin, US Director

A new article by Voxpublica in Romania interviewed refugees, and the Iranian Refugees Action Network expands on this from the experiences of their refugees in this article.

On 23 March 2012, refugees began a protest outside the Romanian Immigration Office hoping to highlight what they experience as inhumane conditions of detention in Romania.  In his article for Voxpublica, Costi Rogozanu, in Romania, spoke to some of the refugees, who were distributing flyers asking for ‘Solidarity with Refugees’.  They described some of the circumstances they experienced as follows:

Having fled from their home countries such as Iran, because of persecution, including imprisonment, torture and even rape, these traumatized refugees hope for a humane reception by the UNHCR and rapid ongoing settlement to a country of safety.  Instead, they report being sent to detention centres, for example in Otopeni and…

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